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Book Review:What Do You DO With and Idea? by Kobi Yamada

Okay, okay, okay, I know this is children’s book, so why do I love it so much. I’ll tell you why. Because it’s brilliant and it’s a wonderful representation of a drum I have been beating for 20 years. I first found this book in a gift shop while I was on vacation this past… (read more)

Creative Block Busters: What Am I Missing?

Well in a few months I will be speaking at a writer’s conference on the topic of overcoming writer’s block. As I started working on the handouts, I discovered that I am probably headed for more of a small book than a handout. I began going through this blog to cull themes for the book…. (read more)

The “Myth” of Natural Talent

I start this post with a caveat. There is such a thing as natural talent and it is wonderful. There are some people who have a natural inborn ability to do almost everything, including virtually everything creative. There are some people who are just naturally good at things, and I am of the belief that… (read more)

Quick Question for a Possible Book: I Could Use Your Feedback

I know, I know. Aren’t you already writing a book? Yes I am. It’s called You’re Not Creative and Other Lies You Probably Believe About Creativity but I just got this other idea and so I thought I would start a little informal Research. About a year ago I started on a project called Create… (read more)

Muses and Other Imaginary Creatures

It cracks me up every time I hear it. An artist speaking of his muse or even worse waiting on his muse. This is about the equivalent of being in your 30s and wondering why there’s nothing under the tree Christmas morning. Don’t wait on you muse, she ain’t coming’! Somewhere along the way we… (read more)