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Cause and Effect: What Creatives Can Learn from Kathy Griffin

So the other day, Kathy Griffin posted the now infamous President Trump severed head picture. She thought she was being cutting edge and cool, making a statement. Then yesterday I saw her crying about how the Trumps were bullying her and she has secured a lawyer, I guess to bring some sort of lawsuit against… (read more)

What Is “Good” Art?

Reposted from AMOKArts.com So I saw this article the other day saying that the Grammy awards were becoming irrelevant. They made this assertion because Adele won the Grammy over Beyonce. The writer further asserted that racism was involved. I don’t know if this is the case or not and I certainly don’t know the hearts… (read more)

New Adult Coloring Book from Dave Weiss/AMOKBooks

My new Adult Coloring Book is now Available on Amazon. Click here to get your copy! In this book I expanded the designs to fill ore of the page. I had a really great time creating this one and I hope you like it. <Here's the cover. and here is a sample page, click the… (read more)

Creative Challenge: Imagination

Hi everyone, I have the opportunity to speak at a church conference in a little over two weeks on the topic of imagination. I can’t wait. (If you’re interested in reading more about what I’m doing, you can see that here.) Imagination is the conception of every creative product and project. It all starts in… (read more)

Speaking of Creacher… Sometimes you Have to Simplify and the Importance of Consistency…

On Friday, I posted a quick cartoon from my web comic, Creacher. It’s not my first web comic. I had one I did for a couple of years called The Weird World of Weiss. I posted it on Cyberlight comics and I loved to do it, but I’m not doing it anymore. The reason why… (read more)

Now Projects Coming from dweisscreative/amokarts

Hi everyone, I know my posts have been a little more sporadic of late but I have to tell you, I have really been excited about some of the things that are coming out. First up, I just finished writing something I have wanted to do for a very long time. It is the book… (read more)

Create a Better Life: Day 48: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Well here we are on the last day of a 48 day journey. I thought I would spend a little time reviewing and a little bit looking forward. First of all I want to say, this project has been fun and really uplifting. I have enjoyed it immensely and have grown quite a bit in… (read more)

Create a Better Life: Day 47: Progress, Setbacks and Course Corrections

Second last day of the project, and one thing has become apparent, this won’t be the second last day of the project. I’ve had a setback. The service I was planning on using for the webinar is not going to work. As you recall I am trying to do this project entirely with free resources… (read more)

Create a a Better Life: Day 46: Who Are You? Dealing With the Resistance

Somewhere in the midst of day 45 of a 48 day project, it happened. I should have been ready for it, because it always happens, but my confession is it hit me like a ton of bricks. Steven Pressfield, in his book The War of Art, calls it the resistance. Essentially it’s this voice that… (read more)