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Flight of the Intruder

As you probably know, one of the things I advocate for all creatives is that you have a hobby beside your creative field. This is a great way to beat creative block and burnout, two things that plague most of us from time to time. My diversion is building models. I always have at least one in the works. I like this hobby because it is still creative and yet it is structured enough that I can do it when I am blocked on my professional projects. I had thought about creating a separate model building blog, but I decided that I already have too many web projects going so I’m just going to make a hobby page here on this site and link al my posts to it.

This project was a blast. One of my favorite builds so far. It’s a Hasegawa Egg Plane. This particular one is an A-6 Intruder. It’s about the size of a plastic easter egg 2-3 inches long. The small size made it a challenging kit, plus it’s really detailed. I tried some new things for me on this one. The biggest one was the use of body putty. Being a primarily a car builder, I don’t usually use it, but this little plane helped me to learn how to use it pretty well. Truth be known I probably would not have needed it. This is one of the best machined kits I have ever built and the fits were outstanding all the way around. The kit has a ton of decals and was really fun to build and paint. My only struggle on this kit was painting the lines on the canopy and this as probably more my issue than the kits. I tried to brush paint the spray paint so the canopy frame would match the fuselage. The paint was a little too thin for that and I will have to readjust for the next kit, because Lord-willing there will be more.

Best of all was the price. I got it on Amazon for $8.00 shipping included (Now $9.04, still a great price1). Now it ships from Japan so it takes a couple weeks to get here, but for free shipping on an already inexpensive kit it was worth the wait.

I had a great time with this kit and I highly recommend buying one.

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