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Time to Do a Little Inventory…

Every so often I feel the need to look at see who is reading this site. The comments I get are almost exclusively spam and as a person who only has 24 hours in a day (the same as the rest of us), I am wondering if continuing to write content here is worth my while. Please take a moment and comment on the site in general and let me know what you think.

DWeisscreative.com will most likely continue to exist in some form, but I do have to reassess from time to time how to best proceed,so please take a moment and comment.

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4 Responses to Time to Do a Little Inventory…

  1. Dave, I am so sorry that I am not more “vocal”! I love your blogs, but am so overwhelmed with the amount of info I find in my inbox I find myself glancing over the important things (to me) and putting them in a folder to read later while my time is eaten up by all the stuff to be deleted!! I have literally pages of things I want to read with more intentionality, yours among them. These are what I really want to spend my time on….not sorting through the endless maze of adverts and reminders, etc! I don’t know if I’m the only one with this dilemma, but I apologize for not being more organized or efficient with my time, inasmuch as it is causing you to question the importance of your blog! This has been a heads-up for me….I need to get rid of the less or non important incoming, so that I can read and respond to what IS important to me. Being a creative, your blogs fit into the “important” category. I will definitely make it a priority to stop skimming and storing for later, and share my thoughts and comments instead of just thinking them to myself! I, for one, hope you continue to communicate with the rest of us! But I SO well know how hard it is to fit everything one wants to do within that 24 hour parameter, and if it becomes a burden instead of a joy, be released to pursue whatever is in your next season! We bless whatever the Lord leads you to do, and thank you for the hours upon hours you have poured into all of us! You have been a great help and inspiration to me on my own creative journey, and I hope to be in touch for the duration! Again, thank you, Dave. You have made a difference in my life, and continue to inspire me!!
    Forever His, Donna

    • Thank you Donna. I appreciate your kind words. Thanks for getting back to me.

  2. Dave, I just found your site and I need this so much right now. I need encouragment to continue on a very long project. I have just found the treasure chest of your blog and want to pick your brain with so many questions. Reading your blog will help me stay encouraged and also help me answer many questions I have so please don’t stop. But also know that it’s ok to rest from something for a while. I read that in a post of your. It’s reassuring to finally fina another Christian Visual artist trying to make an impact on the culture through a variety of media. You are a Godsend to me already and I have never met you! Lord willing we will meet at Montrose. I am bringing another artist to meet you as well. She has a family of creatives and so do I. I am being led to make a post to my own neglected blog and link to yours.
    Here is my prayer for you.
    Dear Jesus:
    We know you are the Master Creator and we are your creations. We have limitations and you know all about them. Please encourage Dave and his family bless them, protect them, and the ministries you have given them. Please give Dave wisdom on what he should do with this blog. I ask for my own sake, and desperate need of encouragment, that you will allow him to continue so that he can help me and other creatives to serve you with our talents.

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement and the kind words and especially the prayer. I look forward to meeting your friend as well. Fortunately I will be able to be there for the whole conference, Lord willing and plan on making myself available to anyone I can help when I’m not presenting. I am especially looking forward to presenting Pictures of Jesus on one of the nights. This is my favorite presentation and I hope you can catch it.


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