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Well today I went through the comments that had been held again. Most of them are for steroids, SEO or much, much worse. I deleted all but a few that were actually concerning creativity and the realm of this blog. Glad that at least they stayed on the back side of the blog and didn’t… (read more)

Create a Better Life: Day 30: Content Creation: You’re NOT Always Going to Be Happy

I know I called this Create a Better Life, but if I led you to believe you would always be happy, I apologize. You won’t always be happy. The best way I can illustrate this is with a story. My story… The first 22 years of my life were tough. When I was little, I… (read more)

Create a Better Life: Day 16: More Content: Learning to Fly

It’s like learning to fly. I hear voices. Don’t worry, I’m not crazy. (At least I don’t think I am.) My guess is you hear them too and as I launch into a project like this, I hear them more often. One says, “Who are you?” “Why should anyone listen to you?’ It’s one I… (read more)

Having Some Fun…

My dad’s birthday was this week and I decided to design a card for him. He trains beagles and when I was a kid he drove this 1950 Dodge Panel Truck. It was used when he got it, most of the logo was painted over, but the former owner left the words at the top… (read more)

New Product from dweisscreative.com

I’ve created a new product for young artists. It’s called Making Faces. Using grids and symmetry, young artists can complete 50 wacky faces plus opportunities to create their own characters. Beyond just being a fun activity, this book helps artists learn the crucial skill of observation and “drawing what you see.” This book is available… (read more)