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Book Review:What Do You DO With and Idea? by Kobi Yamada

Okay, okay, okay, I know this is children’s book, so why do I love it so much. I’ll tell you why. Because it’s brilliant and it’s a wonderful representation of a drum I have been beating for 20 years. I first found this book in a gift shop while I was on vacation this past… (read more)

Cause and Effect: What Creatives Can Learn from Kathy Griffin

So the other day, Kathy Griffin posted the now infamous President Trump severed head picture. She thought she was being cutting edge and cool, making a statement. Then yesterday I saw her crying about how the Trumps were bullying her and she has secured a lawyer, I guess to bring some sort of lawsuit against… (read more)

Creative Block Busters: What Am I Missing?

Well in a few months I will be speaking at a writer’s conference on the topic of overcoming writer’s block. As I started working on the handouts, I discovered that I am probably headed for more of a small book than a handout. I began going through this blog to cull themes for the book…. (read more)

What Is “Good” Art?

Reposted from AMOKArts.com So I saw this article the other day saying that the Grammy awards were becoming irrelevant. They made this assertion because Adele won the Grammy over Beyonce. The writer further asserted that racism was involved. I don’t know if this is the case or not and I certainly don’t know the hearts… (read more)

Another Lie: Creativity is an Individual Sport

Okay I will give a caveat here. Some realms of creativity are best done alone. Painting a painting, writing a book, these are things often done alone. For the most part however creativity requires a team (even the things above, but I’ll get to that). One of my favorite types of TV is reality TV…. (read more)

New Adult Coloring Book from Dave Weiss/AMOKBooks

My new Adult Coloring Book is now Available on Amazon. Click here to get your copy! In this book I expanded the designs to fill ore of the page. I had a really great time creating this one and I hope you like it. <Here's the cover. and here is a sample page, click the… (read more)

Two New Titles from Dave Weiss/AMOKBooks

I am pleased to announce two more titles from my Making Faces Series. Creatures and Monsters Books 1 and 2. I give you half a face on a grid and using symmetry and the observation skills so necessary in art to complete the face, then color and decorate as you see fit. They are really… (read more)