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You Don’t Have Enough

Of course, I’m going to have a caveat right in the beginning of this very short chapter. There may be some truth to this statement. Most of us do not have unlimited resources, and you may not have enough time, money, or other resources to bring your project to fruition. So this is not a… (read more)

Plays Well With Others???

In case you’re not aware, we creatives have a bad reputation and to some extent we deserve it. One of the reasons other people love to have us around is we have a seemingly non-stop supply of ideas. One of the reason Some people hate having is around is because we have a seemingly non-stop… (read more)

Creativity is About Being Understood

We’ve all been there. There’s an idea in your head and you want to share it, but you just can’t get people to see what you’re thinking. It’s maddening, isn’t it? How can you hep them understand? This is the essence of creativity. Essentially what we creatives do is make invisible thoughts into tangible things…. (read more)

What Makes You Different?

Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions and a sesame seed bun If you’re older, like me, you remember this old jingle for McDonald’s Big Mac. In my elementary school days, I even remember the local McDonald’s giving free Big Macs to people who could recite it. But let’s look at it… (read more)

Creativity Kickers Creative Challenge: Hammer and Saw

A few years go I published a resource called Creativity Kickers. The idea behind the project is to help people jumpstart their creativity by giving them project ideas to stretch them. The following is one of the challenges from that resource. These are a great way to beat creative block. From time to time on… (read more)