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Archive for July 2015

A Great Way to Stretch Your Creativity: Art Without a Net

He’s not the most beautiful piece of art I have ever done but he was fun and I highly recommend you try a project like this to stretch your creativity. I did the piece live as part of a worship service yesterday at the Foundry Church in Wallingford, PA. Usually when I paint live, I… (read more)

Creativity Kickers: My Latest Book

I know it seems like I am really cranking things out right now, and to some extent, I am, but truthfully this book has been written for six months, I’ve just been sort of agonizing over how to put it out. My vision was for this to not be a book at all but rather… (read more)


Well today I went through the comments that had been held again. Most of them are for steroids, SEO or much, much worse. I deleted all but a few that were actually concerning creativity and the realm of this blog. Glad that at least they stayed on the back side of the blog and didn’t… (read more)

I’m BAAACK and so is an old “Friend”!

Wow, it’s been a while. I can’t believe it’s been this long, but things have been crazy busy. I’ve spoken at quite a few places, published a new book, Pictures of Jesus: Knowing Jesus, Following Jesus and Representing Him Well and developed two brand new presentations. I even built a robot, a non-functioning work of… (read more)