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Create a Better Life Day 18: Content Creation: More on Motivation

I have a nephew who is burning up the track these days. He just set a freshman record at his school. He’s running the same events I ran in high school but with much more success. His freshman times are already eclipsing what I ran as a senior. As I hear of his exploits though… (read more)

Create a Better Life: Day 17: Content Creation: STOP Wishing!

Two of the deadliest words to the creative process are “I wish.” You know, “I wish I had more.. I wish I did this… I wish I had known…” the list goes on and on. Here’s what I want you to do: STOP Wishing! I hear people say “I wish I had this.” “I wish… (read more)

Create a Better Life: Day 16: More Content: Learning to Fly

It’s like learning to fly. I hear voices. Don’t worry, I’m not crazy. (At least I don’t think I am.) My guess is you hear them too and as I launch into a project like this, I hear them more often. One says, “Who are you?” “Why should anyone listen to you?’ It’s one I… (read more)

Create a Better Life: Day 15: Content Creation I

This was one of those days when the deadlines caught up to me. I didn’t make it by the end of my WordPress deadline. Even so, it’s important to work at your creation every day. Many of the days from this point further will be on the topic of content creation. Creating useful content is… (read more)

Create a Better Life: Day 14: You Deserve a Break Today

Well we’ve made it two weeks into what is essentially a seven week project and once again it’s time for a break. There are so many reasons to do this. It allows us to recharge our creative batteries. It allows us to pursue other interests but most importantly it allows us to give attention to… (read more)

Create a Better Life: Day 13: Your Offer

I’ve heard it said a lot of times. Hey, I’ve even said it. “I have a lot to offer.” Well that’s great, but now it’s time to get specific. What are you going to offer to your people? When you post that first landing page, what are you going to offer people? It’s time to… (read more)

Create a Better Life: Day 12: Course Correction

It’s a travel day today so this will be a short post. I have decided to make a course correction on this project today. Remember I told you, you were going to see all of these too. After much research, I have decided that while I am still planning to do the day-long workshop and… (read more)

Create a Better Life: Day 11: The Ethereal Side

So far I’ve done everything about practical things to do to bring a project to the world, and we will get back to that tomorrow, but for today I want to explore things we can do (or not do) that will impact the quality of the life we actually live. In the quest to live… (read more)

Create a Better Life: Day 10: The Landing Page

As we go through our process, it will eventually become necessary to make an offer. People usually do this with a landing page. Many people say the purpose of your landing page is to add people to your email list. That is only partially correct. Do we want to have more contacts? Yes! Do we… (read more)