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Archive for March 2015

There Are No Bad Ideas…

“There are no bad ideas..” The first time I heard it, I thought, “What are you??? Crazy???” Of course there are bad ideas. (Don’t believe me?) They’re everywhere and it’s true but something different happens when we’re brainstorming—trying to find a solution to a problem or trying to create something new, especially when we’re brainstorming… (read more)

Amazing Creativity…

I am more convinced than ever that our only real limitation is our imagination. It’s proven every day as people find more and more amazing ways to create and entertain. Most of us have blown bubbles since we were children, but most of us have never thought to do this… Take your imagination, stretch it… (read more)

You Have Time…

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book: The Elephant Cook Book: How to Finish Large Projects One Bite at a Time, which will release as soon as I find time to finish it. (You’ll note the irony soon.) One of the things I hear from a lot of creatives is, “I just don’t have… (read more)