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Frustrated Incorporated: Dealing With Frustration

I try to take at least one step toward my goals each day. Yesterday was not exception. There are a couple places I really want to speak at that require a DVD of a speaker in action in front of a live audience giving a full presentation. I travel alone most of the time and… (read more)

“I’m An Idea Person…”

A little tough love from dweisscreative.com today, are you ready? I cringe a little bit when I hear someone say this. I value ideas beyond measure and I am sure you have some great ones, but I cringe because it’s not enough. You have ideas, I have ideas. Everyone with a pulse has ideas and… (read more)

The Importance of Creating a Platform #YourTurnChallenge Day 7

by Dave Weiss http://amokarts.wordpress.com http://dweisscreative.com For the last day of #YourTurnChallenge the question was “What are you taking away from this challenge?” The truth is a lot. I’m already a daily blogger on AMOKArts.com, three days a week on dweisscreative.com and five days a week on bewareofartists.org so it wasn’t so much about blogging every… (read more)

Creativity and Stupidity #YourTurnChallenge Day 6

http://amokarts.com I was talking with a friend yesterday and I shared with her a great truth I learned a long time ago. There is a link between creativity and stupidity. I guess I better explain myself. I told her one of the first steps to being a creative is being too stupid to realize you’re… (read more)

Getting Unstuck: Smashing Through Creative Block #YourTurnChallenge Day 5

by Dave Weiss http://amokarts.com http://dweisscreative.com Yesterday I posted about building your creativity. A lot of what I posted then could really come into play here as well. It’s great for me to tell you how to get creative, but what do you do when you’re stuck? We creative call it creative block. You stare at… (read more)

How to Build Your Creativity #yourturnchallenge day 4

Yesterday I wrote about the soul of creativity, which is seeking solutions to problems and/or seeking to make things better. I wrote about how creativity involves risk. Taking a chance at failing on your way to success. If this is the case (and it is), the first step to building creativity is to: 1. Fight… (read more)

The Soul of Creativity #YourTurnChallenge day 3

Maybe it’s because I spend so much time over at http://AMOKArts.com thinking about the links between spirituality and creativity, but I have come to believe that creativity has, of sorts, a soul. I think the folks at the #YourTurnChallenge have stumbled upon it with today’s question. Tell us about something that you think should be… (read more)

It’s Just Like Riding a Bike… #yourturnchallenge

Most people have an aversion to failure. It you’re going to be a creative, you must kill that aversion and kill it quickly. Failure is a necessity in the creative process. The only way to avoid it is to do work that is completely derivative, never trying anything new. I read this quote from Andrew… (read more)

Your Turn Challenge Day 1: Get Creative #YourTurnChallenge

I decided to join in a blogging challenge put out by Seth Godin’s organization based on his new book Your Turn. The challenge is to post something new every day for seven days. These posts line up with everything I’m trying to do here anyway so I decided to get on board. The question of… (read more)